Raspberry Frosting.

I did, however, use them in the cake which was fine. This beautiful fresh raspberry buttercream gets all its color and flavor from fresh (or frozen) raspberries! Recipe lovers can follow food bloggers or collections. I've played around with different ways of making flavorful fruit frosting and so far the best has been with freeze-dried fruit. It also goes perfectly with just about any filling and frosting. Chocolate cake and raspberry go so well together.

It truly is my go to cake every time I have to make something quickly for someones birthday or some or other occasion. I tried this first with my pineapple frosting and it turned out amazing. 18. May 28, 2013 . ... Raspberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream Lisa Le. Last week I posted a recipe for almond cake from scratch, and I frosted it with a creamy, crusting raspberry buttercream made with fresh raspberries.It was such a delicious combination, and I’m glad a friend requested the recipe! It's thick, creamy, smooth & you can easily pipe it on cakes or cupcakes. That being said, I was making 10x the standard recipe which may have had something to do with it, but when I repeated the entire process with the only change being real egg whites from eggs instead of a carton, everything came out perfectly.

146 This buttercream is so light and fresh with the tangy raspberry purée!

This Soft Vanilla Cake with Raspberry Buttercream is also super duper easy and quick to whip up. It makes enough frosting to frost a 2-layer cake or 24 cupcakes. This creamy Raspberry Frosting recipe uses freeze-dried raspberries for intense raspberry flavor.

Use this buttercream to top your cupcakes, cakes, even cookies!

It is a great place to find and collect recipes. So, I would vote “thumbs down” to using liquid egg whites for buttercream. The cake itself takes barely 15min to make and only bakes for about 20min. How quick and easy is that! Aug 5, 2017 - Raspberry buttercream frosting can be made with fresh or frozen berries.

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