Mr. Sunshine: Episode 1 by dramallama It’s here, and it’s more epic than I had imagined!

Mr. Sunshine episode 22 leaves no time to reflect, moving at a pace through vital moments and significant periods of time.There is no time to ponder the many bridges we crossed previously.You can feel the end is near. It’s a volatile time in Joseon, and it seems safer for everyone to disguise their true intentions, whether it’s loyalty, jealousy, or admiration. Grab your tissues and get ready for this emotional penultimate episode!
Dm tells him Eugene remains a mystery to Ae-shin, and she treads carefully around him, trying to figure out what side he’s on. Been waiting for the recap, as this is gonna my last stop, before I am waving Mr Sunshine a goodbye. A night before that I lurked around twitter to read spoiler, hoping that whatever outcome showing, it would lessen the pain when I watched the episode next day. Though their numbers may be no match to the size of the Japanese forces, their resolve and sacrifice make them a force to be reckoned with.

Mr. Sunshine: Episode 22 by dramallama Whatever you’re expecting from this episode, heighten your expectations now because whether you’ve been following this show, dropped the show, or just picked this random episode to … Their relationship seems to determine how the allegiances of our other characters … Continue reading "Mr. Sunshine… The momentum of the … Continue reading "Mr. Sunshine…

MR. SUNSHINE KDRAMA LIVE RECAP EPISODE 22 ————-#1 OPENING We open with DM and the quiet girl. Even as Joseon plummets into ruin, the Righteous Army perseveres and continues to grow.

He has finished talking to her and now his #1 asks him where he is going.

I remember, while watching this episode, I cried all the way till the end. The highly anticipated Mr. Sunshine, with its reliable production team, excellent casting, and compelling historical story seems to have the trifecta in place to deliver one hell of a drama.

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