(2011, March 8). World Journal of Gastroenterology. How Magnesium can Help Constipation in Kids. But once the constipation becomes chronic, laxatives […] Dr. Aviva’s Top 7 Steps for Treating Children’s Constipation, Naturally. Detailed Magnesium Oxide dosage information for adults and children. Magnesium supplements aren’t just for adults. However, it can sometimes be confusing to determine specifically what the best magnesium supplement for you to use in order to relieve mild constipation is. GOT MILK? Though Miralax has been approved for use in adults and adolescents for less than 7 days, it has never been approved by the FDA for use in children.. You can try each step for a few days, then add in the next, or you can tackle all the steps from the outset.

Using magnesium for constipation is simple, cost effective, time tested and efficient.

Water: Make sure that your child is drinking enough water, throughout the day to avoid symptoms of constipation. It is a common problem, but may cause you and your child distress as you try to alleviate her symptoms. Magnesium deficiency has been linked to chronic constipation, behavior issues, muscular tension, loss of appetite, nausea, fatigue, weakness and chronic thirst. Magnesium can be obtained from foods such as green vegetables, nuts, and whole grain products. The number one food culprit for constipation is cow dairy – milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, you name it. Constipation is a widespread issue, and most people experience it at some point in their lives. However, magnesium is a very common element and is found abundantly in a huge number of food items. Children often respond quickly to this simple habit that you can keep up for a few weeks until the problem is resolved. Using magnesium for constipation can be a great way to unclog nature’s pipes, and a much gentler alternative to over the counter laxatives and psyllium drinks. For many people, it just works. For many people, it just works. In the end, most treatments revolve around three basic principals: Empty the large intestine Establish regular bowel movements Eliminate the pain associated with passing bowel movements Early on, constipation can often be treated by changing a child’s diet. Constipation can be an uncomfortable or even painful condition for child. Notwithstanding the importance of magnesium, a lot of people do not even reach the amount of 400 mg from their daily diet. We have discussed in previous articles that drug companies want us to believe that only patented drugs can provide constipation relief.

First, magnesium helps to relax muscles within the intestinal wall, increasing your ability to go to the bathroom.

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