The pet collar is adjustable because of the velcro, so it’s perfect for a growing puppy or kitty. The edge of your collar should reach that centre front notch that runs down the centre of your plackets. Align the upper edge of the three pieces. Mandarin collars can be added to dresses or shirts that close in the back. Sew the upper edge of the two collar … Step 2: Sew the Long Collar Seam.

Instructions Step 1: Add Fusible Interfacings to Collar Pieces. Sew an easy collar for your dog, cat, llama, or iguana!

Sew the collar pieces together, using a straight stitch and the seam allowance according to the pattern piece. Make sure the center back notches match up.

Note: If collar flap points disturbs while sewing collar stand with collar, just fold that two flaps inside and pin. Instead, we are going to pin the top collar stand (the interfaced one) along the neckline.

Stitch all around the collar with 3/8" or …

The shirt collar is the most traditional type of collar mostly found on shirts, dresses and jackets. The Shirtmaking book I’m referencing has a completely different approach to sewing the collar stand than usual methods.

Next, when you get to the corner, stop with the needle down at the point. The collar stand helps the collar to stand up at the back, but the front still sits flat.

On the blog today we’re looking at Libby Shirt collars, collar stands and facings!
Normally you would assemble the collar and stand fully and then sew the entire thing to the shirt neckline.

So today I’m going to show you how to sew collar points so they turn out nice and sharp. The facing […]

Step 3: Sew the Short Edge Seams. The Libby Shirt has a lovely notched collar with an unusual partial collar stand, which looks lovely when worn. Makes sure your neckline is staystitched at this stage just inside the seam allowance to prevent the neckline from stretching out. This fun and easy sewing project uses simple supplies - just fabric, a d-ring, and some velcro.

Attaching Collar to Shirt: Place one side of collar stand’s right side over the wrong side of neckline and sew away 0.25” from edge.

Try a contrasting piece of fabric for your Mandarin collar. The stand should be wrong side up. Use the edge of the under collar as the guide. Because the seam allowances need to be trimmed, I like to sew this seam twice to …

Curve the top corners of each end and sew.

Pin the opening of the Mandarin collar to the back of the clothing and sew into place. Next, see how to quickly attach the yokes to the back and front of your shirt using the popular burrito method. Take your collar and pin the raw inner curve of the top collar to the wrong side of your shirt's neckline, matching notches.

Easier to sew than a traditional collared shirt, it’s a manageable, fun-to-make and of course stylish intro into the world of shirtmaking. Stack your two collar stands and collar so that the collar is sandwiched between the stands. More shirtmaking information today. Once your interfacing is done, pin and cut your fabrics using the pattern pieces.

It consists of the collar fall and the collar stand, which is a separate piece of fabric that raises the collar fall off the neckline. Very flattering! I like it because you get to place the collar into the stand, getting it right where you want it, rather than sewing the collar-stand unit to the shirt and hoping it was in the right place to begin with. The unusual collar stand and notched collar give you the chance to build your sewing skills. Start with your collar interfacing – cut it to the seam allowance size, so that there isn’t any interfacing in the seams.

See what other people have been making in the Libby Shirt Gallery. Add a curve to your Mandarin collar. Add an optional button loop at the neck for a convertible collar that … Ok!

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