Valorant: release date, and how to get a beta key for Riot Games' new launch A new video game that took the live-streaming service Twitch by storm is now available to play for free . How To Get A Valorant Beta Key Before Beta Ends [Update] The Valorant closed beta has concluded to make way for its upcoming release date in early June. However, players enjoying the closed beta are probably wondering how long they can enjoy the game. Valorant release date. As of right now, there is no publicly confirmed date for the beta. Valorant Twitch Drops time: Beta key release and Twitch Rivals news So PC gamers should expect the Valorant release date to be set between July and September 2020.
Now with the Valorant beta ending soon and an official release date announced, you might not be in as much of a rush to get in--it will be free to play for everyone at launch. Currently, the developers at Riot (League of Legends) haven’t announced any plans to move from closed into open beta… Riot Games have confirmed that Valorant will launch in Summer 2020.But, at the time of writing, no exact release date has been revealed.

Update: Riot Games confirmed rumors of a Valorant beta starting this week (March 2nd, 2020) are 100% FALSE. "Valorant" is a 5-on-5 online multiplayer first … Riot Games has today announced that their highly-rated character-based tactical shooter, VALORANT, will launch for free on June 2, 2020 across "the majority of regions worldwide." The developer remains quiet on … The developer remains quiet on … Here's what you need to know about, what could be, a game changer in esports: 'Valorant' release date As soon as we have information about the date and opt-in process we will update this post to let you know. There's no official launch time, but based on the closed beta timings, there's a good chance it will be unlocked at 1pm BST in the UK. VALORANT RELEASE TIME UPDATE - Riot Games has confirmed the global release times for Valorant across the world. 'Valorant' release date On May 21, Riot announced that "Valorant" is going live worldwide on June 2, 2020. Learn about VALORANT and its stylish cast With the beta going live on Tuesday, April 7, there has been a fair amount of buzz about the game. The Valorant beta opened on April 7, 2020, available from 8 AM ET / 5 AM PT / 2 PM CEST across Europe and North America. Valorant closed beta release date The Valorant beta opened on April 7, 2020, available from 8 AM ET / 5 AM PT / 2 PM CEST across Europe and North America. Valorant has been given a June 2 release date on PC. After all, the majority of games that release a closed beta, typically only do so for a matter of days, or potentially weeks. Valorant closed beta release date. What is the Valorant open beta release date?. 'Valorant' release date On May 21, Riot announced that "Valorant" is going live worldwide on June 2, 2020.

Currently, the creators of League of Legends plan to launch Valorant at some point later this Summer. In the days leading up to June 2, the game’s massively popular closed beta will come to an end on May 28, enabling the team at Riot to reset player accounts, patch new content, and prepare for the beginning of … Riot Games presents VALORANT: a 5v5 character-based tactical FPS where precise gunplay meets unique agent abilities.
A tweet posted by the games official account earlier today read: “Launching – In 12 hours – Korea, Japan, and most of Asia-Pacific; in 18 hours – Europe, Turkey, MENA, Russia, and CIS countries; In 25 hours – North America, Latin America, and South America.

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