However, we are all trying to find some answers. MACGREGOR activity in the Genealogist-to-Genealogist (G2G) Forum: Why Does it show that Macgregor-407 is my 28th grandfather,but his father MagGregor-949 is not related related to me? Who are the MacGregor's: Clan Gregor, or Clan MacGregor, is a Highland Scottish clan. Many took the names of occupations, including Bowers, who were bow makers, or bow-ers. Tammy: I found a list of septs of Clan MacGregor by doing a Google search. MacGregor Clan Crest: A crowned lions head. People carrying the surnames of MacGregor, McGregor and Gregor are descended from a Scottish highland clan known in the original Gaelic as“Clann Grioghair.”The story of this surname in Scotland is The history of the Highland Clans of Scotland, from the earliest glimmerings of their legendary chronicles over a thousand years ago down to the middle of the seventeenth century (1650), is one of almost continual conflicts, turmoils, feuds, massacres, and … At the end of the 16th century, Alastair MacGregor, the young chief of the clan The MacGregor clan lived in a rough, rocky and mountainous region. Clan Gregor (also Griogair, MacGregor, Mac Gregor, McGregor, M'Gregor) is a Highland Scottish clan. Some MacGregors even took the name Campbell, which is the clan that led to the outlawing of Clan MacGregor. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Intro Macgregor-Skinner By user January 16, 2000 at 07:29:32. Dear All I am just writing to introduce my Macgregor Clan and if anyone is connected then it would be great to hear from you.

Looking back it was a bit of a blur but I sent in applications for myself, Madison and Sage to be joined to the American Clan Gregor Society family lineage under my father. Alasdair MacGregor of Glen Strae w. gift by Gill-easbuig earl of Argyll to Eoin Campbell of Glen Orchy of the ward, relief and non-entry of the lands held by the Glen Orchy chiefs of the earls of Argyll. PART ONE - SCOTLAND. Clan Gregor Centre Archive (History and Genealogy) contents at the National Library of Scotland.

One may say here that the many and varied family traditions that I We are also interested to share with other project managers concerned with Scottish Highland genealogy. This project aims to find out what the DNA says. He has been Chairman of the Clan Gregor Society of Scotland (CGS) since 1995.

MacGregor Clan .

Professor Richard McGregor heads up this project and also analyzes all the data. MacGregor Clan . The early genealogy of Clan Gregor on the following pages is very much a joint effort. or ??? The Clan Gregor DNA Project is in its 17th year [2018] and still going strong, and we have reached over 1200 active participants to date including some currently in progress. MacGregor Clan Motto: 'S Rioghal Mo Dhream (Royal is my race). Clan history At one time, it was entirely legal to kill a MacGregor and seize his property. The MacGregors are a small clan. In the table of all surname projects the MacGregor project is the 11th in the world and 3rd largest of the Scottish clan projects (as at 2012). The remainder of 2017 was a busy time. MacGREGOR GENEALOGY. This remarkable law was made by King James VI after the women of clan Colquhoun complained to him that the MacGregors had slaughtered 200 of their clansmen at the battle of Glen Fruin, proffering the bloody shirts of their menfolk as proof.

Hence, the MacGregor DNA Project. My MacGregor ancestors are known to have come from Kinloch Rannoch and Paisley, Scotland. We invite new participants who are called MacGregor or who have any name associated with the clan. So the MacGregor clan welcomes those with surnames that appear in this link to the MacGregor family names. Deciding between "User Interest" and "Member of" Scottish clan stickers? As a result many people with other surnames believe they were once MacGregors. Although I have put it all together and host the webpages, it would not have been possible without the contributions and constructive criticisms of Richard and Keith MacGregor of the Clan Gregor Society, and Neil and Matt MacGregor in Australia. Unusual name: Makrigeri = MacGregor?

Children of the Mist: The Dramatic 16th Century Story of Alastair MacGregor of Glenstrae [Nigel Tranter] on History of Clan MacGregor: Clan Gregor is the senior member of Clan Alpin and in the reign of Alexander II, held the lands of Glenstrae, Glenlochy, Glen Lyon and Glen Orchy. MacGregory? 4 June 1536 (MacGregor, Coll. Up to date as of January 2017. To survive they many times raided neighboring clans, especially the Colquhoun clan.

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