Created in 1947 by the Reading Company, FIRING THE STEAM LOCOMOTIVE served as the handbook for the last generation of locomotive firemen. Assuming there is some water in the boiler, and that it can be topped up during the initial firing, you can use a large kerosene tiger torch and run a small fan atop the … The Automatic Stoker, Though not Strictly a Fuel-Economizing Device, is a Cleaner and Easier Method of Feeding the FireDESIGN AND INVENTION - 18 GENERAL VIEW OF THE DU PONT-SIMPLEX MECHANICAL STOKER1.

Board the loco. The term is usually applied to a locomotive or ship engine that burns oil to heat water, to produce the steam which drives the pistons, or turbines, from which the power is derived.. First thing in the morning, the locomotive will be "cold", which means that the fire has... 2. Within its chapters you’ll find a breakdown of the fireman’s responsibilities, including how to prepare and inspect the fire, how to fire different types of coal, and how to correct bad fire conditions. Open and close the lower lever... 3. An oil burner engine is a steam engine that uses oil as its fuel. Steps 1. Open the firebox doors. firing the locomotive mechanically using a mechanical stoker. Check for obstructions. Once on the footplate, check that the water gauge glass (es) are full.

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