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4 Must-Read Books for Startup Entrepreneurs

Guest Post Manilyn Moreno

Positive thinking and inspiration are two things that any start-up entrepreneur should have in order to succeed with his endeavor. But where do you get this? If you feel down and you think you don’t have enough guts and wits to make it, it’s high time to infuse your mind with positive mantra to push you further and reach success. Continue Reading…


5 Ways To Expand Your Startup

Guest Post by Alexandra

Growth is a central tenet of business. Being able to continue on an upwards trajectory means being able to develop and expand healthily, rather than stagnate or falter. But for start-ups, it can hard to find ways to move forward. So what are the best ways to expand a business without having to invest a fortune, and how do they apply to yours? Continue Reading…

5 Best Business Apps for the Growth of Your Business

Guest Post by Alina Jones

As businesses continue to grow so does technology and they are becoming increasingly co-dependent. Most user friendly applications are designed for entertainment but it was only a matter of time before apps were developed for business to help entrepreneurs organize their inventory and monitor their business to ensure that it is running smoothly. Continue Reading…

Kickstarter’s Bad Apples: A Tale of Caution to Business Owners

Guest Post by Derek Whitney

Kickstarter has raised over $679 million for creative projects to date as the world’s largest crowdfunding site. It has been a part of launching hundreds of new products, has funded television series, movies, and environmental projects. Unfortunately, some kickstarted projects have gone wrong due to poor planning or outright malice. Business owners looking to launch a product should pay attention to these three campaigns that went bad. Continue Reading…


Five Leadership Strategies to Ensure Your Success

Guest Post by Julie Robert

Finding talented leaders and efficient employees for both managerial and non-managerial roles, whether your company is experiencing a boom or struggling, is always the biggest desire and priority for an organization. In times of current cut throat corporate culture, with an unpredictable business climate and market, where the employee’s judge and value financial gains more than company loyalty and longevity, keeping a valuable employee and talented workforce intact is quite a task. Continue Reading…

The Fast, Explosive Growth of Crowdfunding Today

The Fast, Explosive Growth of Crowdfunding Today

Guest Post by Derek Whitney

Crowdfunding represents a unique form of fundraising that would only become truly effective with the help of the Internet and the ability to connect with thousands of people at the same time with an investment idea. The effect is simple and similar to how ants work. A single ant can’t do much; it can only carry its own body weight and a bit more. Continue Reading…

The 3 Biggest Mistakes I made as Team Leader

Guest Post by Melinda Reihberg

I started my career as a management trainer because I have a passion for leadership and understand the impact a good leader has on the productivity of a business and the performance of its people. I also know, first hand, that leadership skills often do not come naturally and need to be learned – just as any other skill. Continue Reading…


How to Make Your Company Investor Friendly

Guest Post by Derek Whitney

Remember that many people are now prepared to invest in a venture they feel is worthwhile. Since they are looking for a reasonable return on that investments and the rates on Treasury notes and CDs are quite low, they are definitely prepared to opt for certain alternatives. Continue Reading…