HealMonk is a Q&A platform for sharing experiences on healthcare procedures and clinics. In addition to providing strategic advice on the product and pre-launch marketing campaign, we created HealMonk’s logo, marketing pages and application.


Defining the Brand

Because researching health issues and surgical procedures can often be a nerve-racking experience, it was important for the HealMonk’s brand to be friendly, reassuring and zen. The bedrock of this “zen” theme can be found in its name. First up in our design process: the “monk.”


Final Logo

This was our recommended logo, and the one the client went with. The typography is classic, clean and modern. It exudes a seriousness that balances against the playful monk character. 

Since the HealMonk service takes on very serious health topics, it was important for the logo to emote authority while still being upbeat and positive. The brown tones in the logo are reminiscent of earth, wood, and stone and are commonly associated with dependability, reliability, and earthiness. It complements the orange-red nicely which conveys energy, happiness and vitality.

Product Designs

Since HealMonk is a Q&A platform for a wide consumer market, it needed to very easy to discover and contribute content. This placed a priority on a “sticky” navigation bar with an ever-present search field to find content and an “Ask a Question.” Content is displayed in a clean, linear manner. Users can easily follow topics and favorite comments.


Marketing Pages

Prior to launching the application, we designed and developed a prelaunch page to collect beta interest. The resulting mailing list provided the founders with a beta userbase for their soft launch. It also increased the credibility of the service prior to launch, which was instrumental in attracting a number of high-profile write-ups.


“Leanometry provided a wealth of strategic advice, not just on the product, but on the business as a whole. Their involvement accelerated our progress by 9 to 12 months.”


Joseph Ahn

HealMonk, Cofounder