ColonyHealth Logo – Lateral

ColonyHealth pairs healthcare startups with affordable clinical research.  We were brought in to design & develop their application and marketing pages. We also crafted their “clean-clinical” brand identity and logo.


The Website

Since ColonyHealth targets a multi-sided market, the website had a dual purpose of onboarding both healthcare startups in need of research, and researchers looking for projects. We focused our messaging and design efforts on creating two separate pages that would speak to the needs of each segment.

ColonyHealth – Leanometry Works
ColonyHealth-Apply – Leanometry Works

The Application

We worked with the founder to identify the application’s unique value proposition. At its heart, the service would need to enable project managers and researchers to upload and comment on research data. Since future development would arise from this core, it became the focus of the launch product (MVP).


Good design can not just be pretty.

It must be unobtrusive, intuitive, and make the complex appear simple. 


“Leanometry built a product that was not only functional, but also beautifully designed. Customers took us seriously from day one. For a healthcare startup like us, that’s a big deal.”



Andrew Gostine

ColonyHealth, Founder