not bad, but there are still problems with recognizing keywords and strings correctly. Is it possible to link to m file directly in latex? Thank you, esp. I do get an options clash when trying to use "bw" but can't trace it - small worry! {Â}{{\^{A}}}1 Any idea how to include matlab code into a double spaced document, but have the code itself come out single spaced? I am stumped, spent almost 4 hours on this already. matrix-skeleton. Merci beaucoup. I do however have a question, that I was not able to find an answer to in the comments below. \lst@CCPutMacro\lst@ProcessOther {"2D}{\lst@ttfamily{-{}}{-{}}} Achieved by upgrading 'else' statement in \bw to have these commands: They are not complete, and are not necessarily in a form that will be useful for anyone but me. Excellent package, but I don't know much about listings.sty. This patch corrects long code line handling: --- C:/Program Files (x86)/MiKTeX 2.8/tex/latex/mcode/mcode.old.sty Tue Mar 15 13:16:32 2011 Undefined control sequence. Thanks! Elegant solution. Accelerating the pace of engineering and science. Thank you very much for your file! Les toolboxes MATLAB sont développées par des professionnels, rigoureusement testées et entièrement documentées. \begin{document}, \frame{ Other than that, do some more reading ;-) Good Luck! \@empty\z@\@empty Could you please take a look at that? I've made an edit which enables the recognition of strings. I have just one small problem though, I have used ' symbol to get transpose of a matrix which is not being displayed as it is in the Latex file after using this style file. Thanks! Added more keywords for syntax highlighting. In order to start a matlab code at a line number, insert '[firstnumber={number}]' before declaring the .m file. I have a question about using it. I hate to ask such a simple question, but I've googled my head off and can't get it: the mathescape doesn't work for me! Đúng. or to continue without it.". Downloaded now the newest version of mcode, which gave a little more information about the error. hold('on') . Other MathWorks country sites are not optimized for visits from your location. \def\mcommentfont{\color[gray]{.75}\itshape} %comments light gray and italic If I add dollar signs, I get a pipe that looks right, but if I try to cut and paste if from the .pdf, it doesn't copy correctly into the new document. Name Last modified Size Description; Parent Directory - 12many/ 2015-11-13 17:19 - ESIEEcv/ 2015-11-13 17:19 Morali bi si ogledati matlab-prettifier paket; izboljšuje se mcode v mnogih pogledih. \includepackage{doublespace} Fixed typo in documentation regarding §...§, Added MATLAB block-quote support (which a user kindly pointed out to me): %{ block comment %}, Tweaked some descriptions, added feature to distinguish formatting between "end" and "end" to either end a clause or access the last element in a vector, updated demo document. After the download I had an email message wrapped around an HMTL file inside of which was a tab-infested STY file with many =D3 and other character renamings. ! The code is wonderful! @Alon: mcode works perfectly with Bakoma Tex 10.40 (issued May 2014). l.31 ...font\LaTeX in it: $\mcommentfont\pi x^2$§ Could you (or someone) please help me out? \begin{lstlisting} Try this. Thanks Laurens! Thank you for your help. Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers. Great package ;) \fi It does not capture tick labels or other content outside the axes outline. I work always with the code, It is just easier to have the live preview. ... Whenever I load my m-file I can't use LaTeX typesetting by using § \latex §. Thanks. It appears, however, that some number combinations don't play nicely with framed listings. Do you have any idea how I can solve this? Problem: Cell comment (%%) must begin on the beginning of the line, but worse: the remainder of the line no longer gets printed in green. Thanks Florain, this package works really great! \usepackage{array} %table array support @Florian I've found a workaround for the accented character affair, it's a little bit tricky but it works: just added something like «{è}{{\`e}}1» to the «literate» list to show properly «è» without the utf8 encoding error (a real pain for us latin language speaker). I found that a floating figure was placed in the middle of the code box so the code was split. *Re: export to beamer: author and dynamic effects are not exported. Is there any way to fix/bypass this? so thank you Florian! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I used a simple example: Thanks! 'morecomment=[l][\mcelldelimfont]\%\%\ , % cell comments ', Easy to use and polished output, also saves space over using \verbatim! Worked perfectly! @Florian Knorn : Whenever I load this package I consistently get the following error: ! \usepackage[center, format=plain,labelsep=period]{caption} %Fixes Figure label, Figure #: to Figure #. Do you have any idea of what is going on? Some of my lines are really quite long and when I compile my tex file, the code is printed out to the borders of this page. Using this in my Latex-preamble: @ Thomas — There's no difference between the operating systems. MATLAB code can be integrated with other languages, enabling you to deploy algorithms and applications within web, enterprise, and production systems. In addition, a separate userscript is included to allow switching the language used by the prettifier. But what if I want to just copy and paste a bit of the code into a chapter in order to explain it? So, we can collaborate in a easy way. Thx a lot, it works really nice for me, but I have a small problem, The mcode package uses listings to set up the appropriate formatting. But good work! Great contribution! Maybe you should consider putting this on CTAN. or is it just bad luck that i don't work? multicolpar. Does anybody have a fix for adding the cell (%%) formatting? pressrelease in macros/latex/contrib Class for typesetting press releases. - jubobs/matlab-prettifier @Yiang: Maybe try comment out the "upquote=true" statement in mcode.sty ... @Michael: Nope, read the listings package docs why. l.29 \begin{lstlisting} Thanks for this awesome package! Quick and easy deployment. Community Comments. You'll have to use inputenc with e.g. This has saved me hours making beamer slides for my students. More importantly, how the heck to I type it? Also not in your demo file. amazing! Basically, in your example, instead of using \mcode, use this: \lstinline[basicstyle=\lstbasicfont\small]|Test={'hans' 'peter'}|, Quiet Amazing! ./mcode.sty:181:Package keyval Error: upquote undefined. },,,, You may receive emails, depending on your. Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (669.3k).. matlab-prettifier – Pretty-print Matlab source code The package extends the facilities of the listings package, to pretty-print Matlab and Octave source code. \usepackage{subfig} % multiple figures in a float - %Sets k_1 Note, I use the matlab-prettifier package, which is an extension to the listings package. But use it on my new mac with texmaker / texliveutility. Any ideas? I wanted to include a m-file which has very long lines, too long to display in a single line in my document. I've had a look at your problem, but I can't reproduce it.

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