However, if and when the interviewer asks if you have any questions for them, saying ‘no’ could ruin your chances of getting the job. In this way, the question is answered to a certain extent. In my experience, customers calm down once they have vented their frustrations. But that’s obvious to the hiring managers, and is not what they want to hear. Why are you Interested in Working for Our Company? © Randstad N.V. 2019. how to prepare for an interview – a video guide. That means it's also time to start practicing your answers to interview questions for seasonal employment. For women, you can wear your hair back although it isn’t strictly necessary. andstad Solutions Limited, is a limited company registered in England and Wales with registered number 02389033. Contact Us, © 2020 is a part of Here’s a sample answer: Your organisation has an exceptional track record in the field of customer service which is something I greatly admire. how to improve your business development manager cover letter. Last year, for instance, I created a campaign with a focus on how customer service makes or breaks a company. 20 Best Answers. Answer 8: It’s simple, I read your company’s mission and vision. This can only mean one thing: Holiday hiring season is here. If you have experience in sales, you have doubtless run into a few tricky customers, so describe how you managed to calm the situation. “Why did you apply for this sales assistant position?” Your research will pay off with this question; explain you have always wanted to work for their company and the reason why. Learn everything that you need to know about this role with our. Working with a sales recruitment agency, ahead of the interview, is a good idea, as these organisations can provide resources and training to help individuals succeed at the interview stage. Example: "I'm interested in this job because I can see that in this role, my skill sets would benefit you. There are little tests they give you like a maths test about how much change you should give etc, also you have a sheet with a bunch of items and you have to find the code for the items, write them down and get as many as you can in a time limit. About Us The sales assistant job does not have set educational requirements to be hired for it, with a high school diploma and experience in sales, you can secure the job. Your first reason when thinking "Why am I interested in this job?" Find Sales Assistant jobs near you! In fact, great salespeople hear the word ‘no’ and see it as a challenge. I make a concerted effort to understand the complaint and solve the issue. Example: "I'm interested in this job because I can see that, in this role, my skills could help solve this problem within your company. This question may seem simple, but sometimes these 'easy' ones can trip you up. A hiring manager wants to make sure that you’re interested in the position for the right reasons…and while it might be tempting to answer with “for the money,” make sure that’s not your only answer. If your interviewer asks why you’re interested in the job, it’s important that you actually sound interested. Why is providing good service to customers so important? interview questions for allied healthcare jobs. Here’s a Why did you choose a career in sales (or why are you interested in a sales position?) Employers ask questions like, “why did you apply for this job?” or, “why are you interested in this position?” for 2 big reasons. Try and avoid wearing brightly coloured clothing and casual dress is a no-no! Female candidates should also consider wearing a suit, or at least a suit jacket to go with a blouse, and long skirt or trousers. Discuss how your goal has always been to work in this industry as you always wanted to (job criteria) and finally finish by explaining how your previous experience or qualifications will add value to the company. It is because the motivation level of … Be sure to also show interest in working for their company specifically. Living in Northern Ireland area? We advise you to go easy on the makeup. Ready to take the next step to becoming a Sales Assistant? Before we get ahead of ourselves, however, you have to ace the interview. When preparing for an interview for a sales position, you will need to think about what qualities you possess that make you an excellent salesperson. Interviewers will be looking for candidates who are enthusiastic, and who have excellent communication skills. Question: Why do you want to be an Executive Assistant? As a sales assistant, there will be occasions where you have to handle angry, unreasonable individuals. Randstad Solutions Limited, is a limited company registered in England and Wales with registered number 02389033. It is one question that you cannot run away from. And second, they want to see if you’ve thought about your … Think about why you want this job in particular. Ensure you can link what interests you about the job role to specific examples. Try to speak clearly during the interview, maintain good eye contact, and show a high level of passion towards the position. What is your depth of experience with Point of Sale (POS) systems? Here’s a sample answer: I believe the customer comes first and have learned not to take the things they say about their experience personally. One open-ended question you can expect is “Why are you interested in this position?” Your answer will help the employer determine your excitement about the opportunity and the motivations that led you to pursue the job. That might be obvious, but a surprising number of candidates, particularly for lower-level roles, end up sounding like they’re most interested in getting a job, as opposed to doing this job. As such, we’ve provided useful tips to answer ‘why are you the best candidate for this position’ to help you ace your interview and get the job. Being specific demonstrates that you're interested in this particular sales position (as opposed to any sales role that will hire you). Sell me this pen? Click the button to start applying for Sales Assistant jobs. Let me tell you: This is a good sign, because imagine the opposite. It could be beneficial to add in a small nod to what drew the candidate to this position. should always show fit in terms of professional skills. If you haven't yet got an interview, read this guide on preparing a sales assistant CV. In the era of social media, companies are conscious of the need to present a friendly face at every turn. And frankly, that might be true! how to get your start in sales recruitment. The bad news is that there are bound to be dozens of CVs and cover letters sent in for each vacancy. Aim to discuss the opportunities you see with the new job rather than voicing concerns with your current … Have you any previous experience in a similar role? You probably want to move into a managerial position because it is the next logical step in you career progression. It is absolutely vital that Pharmacy Assistants have excellent attention to detail skills and can work accurately whilst following strict medical and pharmacy rules and procedures. What do you know about this organisation? Male candidates should wear a well-pressed suit, shirt, and tie; make sure the suit fits you properly! Could you describe the role’s day-to-day responsibilities? How would you approach selling an add-on product to a customer? To gauge your understanding of the position you are applying for. Why are you interested in sales? The days are getting shorter, the back-to-school displays are packed away, and everything is pumpkin flavored. Thanks to my experience selling to your customer base in previous roles, I understand how to include the customer service aspect. Make sure you mention positive feelings you have about the company and its products. “Why are you the best person for the position?” isn’t a trick question – but it is an interview question that trips a lot of people up. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose a job in sales, according to Miriam George, an executive coach and managing director of PDC Healthcare.

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