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Portrait of a female executive

Reasons to Invest in Woman-Led Companies

Guest Blog Post by Patrick W. Dunne

Last month, Hillary Clinton criticized the gender gap in Silicon Valley. “We can literally count on one hand the number of women who have come [to Silicon Valley] and turned their dreams into billion dollar businesses,” she said. “We cannot afford to leave all that talent on the sidelines.” Clinton cited several statistics, including one which highlighted that women only make up 11% of Silicon Valley executives. Continue Reading…

Hire Smart – Finding the Right Person, the First Time Around

Guest Post by Wesley Foldessey

Finding the right hire for the position you’re offering the first time around can, at times, be extraordinarily challenging. Sometimes your ideal candidate can leave after only 3 months of working for your company. This can be frustrating for you and your company and cause loss of reputation, sales and other good employees. Continue Reading...


Five Leadership Strategies to Ensure Your Success

Guest Post by Julie Robert

Finding talented leaders and efficient employees for both managerial and non-managerial roles, whether your company is experiencing a boom or struggling, is always the biggest desire and priority for an organization. In times of current cut throat corporate culture, with an unpredictable business climate and market, where the employee’s judge and value financial gains more than company loyalty and longevity, keeping a valuable employee and talented workforce intact is quite a task. Continue Reading…

creativity at work

Tips for Inspiring Creativity at Work

Guest Post by Amy Harris

We spend almost half our lives within the workplace, whether we are alone or surrounded by our colleagues. This being the case, it’s often all too easy for employees to become bored and uninspired during working hours. Keeping things fresh, especially when tasks are mundane or routine, can sometimes be an uphill struggle. Continue Reading…

The 3 Biggest Mistakes I made as Team Leader

Guest Post by Melinda Reihberg

I started my career as a management trainer because I have a passion for leadership and understand the impact a good leader has on the productivity of a business and the performance of its people. I also know, first hand, that leadership skills often do not come naturally and need to be learned – just as any other skill. Continue Reading…


7 Vital Things All New Team Leaders Must Know

Guest post by Melinda Reihberg

Starting out in leadership can be daunting. Suddenly you are not only responsible for your own results,but the results of an entire team. Their behavior, performance, attitude and productivity reflect on you.As a leader, you need to be a catalyst; person who can spark or ignite action in others. Continue Reading…