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7 Marketing Tips for Startups

Guest Blog Post by Chris Keenan

Startup businesses have recognized the power of social media and have implemented those websites into their marketing campaigns. This is an inexpensive way to not only build your brand recognition, it is a great way to reach a targeted audience. In additional to social media websites, there are many inexpensive ways a startup business can reach the masses with just a little ingenuity. Here are 7 marketing tips for startups that can help attract new business and traffic to your website. Continue Reading…


4 Must-Read Books for Startup Entrepreneurs

Guest Post Manilyn Moreno

Positive thinking and inspiration are two things that any start-up entrepreneur should have in order to succeed with his endeavor. But where do you get this? If you feel down and you think you don’t have enough guts and wits to make it, it’s high time to infuse your mind with positive mantra to push you further and reach success. Continue Reading…


4 Fatal Mistakes Startups Make on Facebook

Guest Post by Adrienne Erin

Facebook is a staple for professionals to mingle and interact with their customers. Larger corporations choose to update their customers with latest sales and trends that are happening in their nearby local stores. For smaller businesses and startups, Facebook is a way of interacting with customers in a way other social networks do not allow.

Facebook can grow any business – but many startups fail to make an impact due to several fatal mistakes. Continue Reading…


5 Ways To Expand Your Startup

Guest Post by Alexandra

Growth is a central tenet of business. Being able to continue on an upwards trajectory means being able to develop and expand healthily, rather than stagnate or falter. But for start-ups, it can hard to find ways to move forward. So what are the best ways to expand a business without having to invest a fortune, and how do they apply to yours? Continue Reading…