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Hire Smart – Finding the Right Person, the First Time Around

Guest Post by Wesley Foldessey

Finding the right hire for the position you’re offering the first time around can, at times, be extraordinarily challenging. Sometimes your ideal candidate can leave after only 3 months of working for your company. This can be frustrating for you and your company and cause loss of reputation, sales and other good employees. Continue Reading...


5 Ways To Expand Your Startup

Guest Post by Alexandra

Growth is a central tenet of business. Being able to continue on an upwards trajectory means being able to develop and expand healthily, rather than stagnate or falter. But for start-ups, it can hard to find ways to move forward. So what are the best ways to expand a business without having to invest a fortune, and how do they apply to yours? Continue Reading…

5 Best Business Apps for the Growth of Your Business

Guest Post by Alina Jones

As businesses continue to grow so does technology and they are becoming increasingly co-dependent. Most user friendly applications are designed for entertainment but it was only a matter of time before apps were developed for business to help entrepreneurs organize their inventory and monitor their business to ensure that it is running smoothly. Continue Reading…

How Do You Get Your Readers to Trust You?

Guest Post by Nettie Gray
Increasing visitor traffic is not enough.

A person can drop by your site and leave the next second. You can achieve a thousand views, but receive zero comment. Visitors can reach up until the end of your post, and still, not proceed to buying. Continue Reading…

Kickstarter’s Bad Apples: A Tale of Caution to Business Owners

Guest Post by Derek Whitney

Kickstarter has raised over $679 million for creative projects to date as the world’s largest crowdfunding site. It has been a part of launching hundreds of new products, has funded television series, movies, and environmental projects. Unfortunately, some kickstarted projects have gone wrong due to poor planning or outright malice. Business owners looking to launch a product should pay attention to these three campaigns that went bad. Continue Reading…