Guest Post by Wesley Foldessey

Finding the right hire for the position you’re offering the first time around can, at times, be extraordinarily challenging. Sometimes your ideal candidate can leave after only 3 months of working for your company. This can be frustrating for you and your company and cause loss of reputation, sales and other good employees. Additionally, this affects entrepreneurs who are starting their own companies. But it is not a hopeless procedure and there are many ways to avoid any sort of loss of standing and/or peace of mind. Here are a few ways of how to effectively hire.

1. Behavioral Testing

Focusing on the behavior of an individual can create a 60% increase in the success of finding the right hire for your position. Luckily the process has been simplified through psychometric testing and is now an affordable process. Looking at the past behavior of an individual can attest for the future of their work experience. The knowledge of the potential employee’s behavioral patterns will help assure that the position is right for that person’s attitude and work ethic.

2. Expectations

Make sure that the expectations of both yourself and your candidate coincide with each other. Let the potential employee know what the position requirements and job expectations are, what the future may hold and what success in your company will look like. Don’t over sell the position or make promises that will not necessarily come true for that individual. This can cause frustration and eventually the loss of that employee when their expectations are not met in the time that they feel it should or simply not met at all.

3. Investing Your Time

Making the decision to invest your time is perhaps one of the most important aspects of hiring the right person. Smart hiring can take a considerable amount of time and taking the easy way can actually cost you additional time in the long run. Taking the proper amount of time avoids making bad hiring decisions and prevents you from skipping over candidates that were more qualified and better able to meet the goals of your company.

4. Know Your Perfect Hire

Identifying what your ideal candidate would look like is obviously one of the first steps you need to take to find that employee. Examine the skill set and previous experience you wish to see from your potential employee. Remember that there is almost always a general learning curve for the new employee and that even the employee with a wealth of experience may still need some time to adjust to his or her new settings. It’s unlikely that a new employee will step into their position without the need of asking questions or facing challenges. Be sure to ask during the interview process how they handled their transitions into new companies and the challenges they faced. This can give you a better understanding of how much training and time an individual will take to adjust properly to meet their duties.

5. Advertise and Recruit

Hiring in-house corporate recruiting teams or professional search consultants can be one of the most effective ways of hiring. By combining targeted telephone research with secondary research they are able to deliver real-time intelligence and best-in-class candidates from the Hiring Managers' most desirable competitors. Based on efficient and ethical telephone talent mapping, these strategic tools, enable recruiting consultants to better meet their client needs and company goals. Consistently delivering qualified, UN-identifiable talent via efficient cold-calling, presenting the heads-down, doing-their-jobs, gainfully employed, truly passive qualified talent is a resource that is invaluable to an employer.

There is a Way

There are many paths to avoid hiring the wrong person and instead find an ideal candidate. Make sure you are persistent and goal oriented and you will find the procedure to be less frustrating than you originally thought or have previously experienced.

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Freelance writer, Wesley Foldessey, contributed this article on behalf of executive search firm, ExecuQuest.

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