Guest Post by Nettie Gray
Increasing visitor traffic is not enough.

A person can drop by your site and leave the next second. You can achieve a thousand views, but receive zero comment. Visitors can reach up until the end of your post, and still, not proceed to buying.

This means that the number you see in your page is worthless unless it converts.

What could be the reason then why people wouldn’t talk to you?

It’s possible that you still haven’t won their trust. This isn’t going to be easy but is always possible. Work hard and focus on boosting your credibility as a content provider. Here are few ways how you can.

Write first person

You own the blog. You are speaking from your own experience. You are sharing personal views. You might as well use the pronoun ‘I’ and dismiss ‘we.’

This shall manifest your confidence in what you’re saying, and also show that you’re taking full ownership of ideas you express. You are not dragging someone invisible to share responsibility for claims you made on your page.

This is all you and your readers. Use ‘I’ starting today.

So, you probably are thinking whether this makes sense when you’re nobody in the blogging community.

Yes, it does. You own up to whatever readers see on your blog, and do not pretend that someone’s telling the story with you.

Tell stories

Do not make up. Do not spill everything about your personal life.

You need not make your life an open book to appear interesting. It’s sharing significant and perhaps even random moments in your life that give your blog a human face, and draw you closer to your audience.

Personal stories also help with your blog’s uniqueness. You might have the same topic as another blogger. You might be exploring a subject that has been written about thousand times. So how do you set you content apart from the rest?

Share a piece of yourself

Talk about the good and the ugly.
Everyone commits mistakes. There’s always room for improvement. You need not appear as though you know it all, and that you’re infallible.

Do not be ashamed to cite misfortunes you’ve endured, or wrong decisions you made.

Remember, a person credible to share an advice is someone who is speaking from experience.

This is not to suggest insisting that everything that worked for you would also work for your readers. This is about making people understand where you’re coming from. That your suggestions are backed.

You are no superhuman but you believe someone out there could benefit from things you have learned out of failures you had.

You want to inspire a positive change, one piece of advice at a time.

Introduce yourself, and communicate

Show who you are. Talk about yourself.

Post a picture of you and as much as possible use the same photo on all your social media accounts.

Talk to your followers. Make them feel that you appreciate them taking the time to read through your post. If they disagree on your views, thank them still. At least they did read your work. That’s good news still. And a lot to be grateful for.

Author Bio

Nettie Gray isn’t shy to talk about rejections she experienced applying as an essay writing coach for business web sites. Those not-so-good times made her even more determined to prove herself.

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