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As businesses continue to grow so does technology and they are becoming increasingly co-dependent. Most user friendly applications are designed for entertainment but it was only a matter of time before apps were developed for business to help entrepreneurs organize their inventory and monitor their business to ensure that it is running smoothly. Businesses cannot function at all without computers and Smartphone’s and now they cannot function without the following top 5 apps that are in demand because of their easy availability and simplified user friendly operation which helps businesses and professionals stay updated, connected and ahead of the competition.

1. Trello

This easy to use business organizer keeps all your information organized from the most important to the minutest. Trello uses “cards” on which you can jot down relevant information to be categorically organized by you. These cards store information on the front and back, the front presents a quick overview of the information contained on the card while the back contains the details- attachments, due dates, checklists, comments and activities. Almost anything can be attached to the cards including relevant information, files, images, spreadsheets, sketches and mockups. Each card can be customized using color coordinated labels for assigning tasks and knowing what comes first. As a due date approaches it will turn yellow so you never forget a thing and all past comments are saved as a log. With Trello you can create a team by adding members to the board who can collaborate, comment on cards and vote on projects in real time. Trello is free, safe and secure and works on all screen sizes.

2. Dragon Dictation

Speak to your handheld device with this voice recognition app which is five times faster than typing on your computer. Dragon dictation essentially records what you are saying and presents a typed version of your words on the app clipboard. This typed information can then be sent via email and Dragon Dictation can also be used to make phone call or set appointments, record SMS input and send it without typing a word. It is equipped with speech recognition and is amazingly accurate in all situations and you can save text content using Dragon Notes. This app is truly provides hands-free text input.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to store and edit files and information virtually across devices- from PC, to tablets to Smartphone’s. Google Drive can be used to store files in one place, share them with others and they can be accessed from anywhere. You can also access files that others have shared with you even while you are offline. With Google Drive you can create and edit multiple spread sheets and documents and it also has text formatting. Manage your files on the go using this app, search for files by content and view presentations with animation and speaker notes. Google Drive documents can be scanned and printed using Google Cloud Print.

4. Evernote

Evernote is a free app which helps you remember everything. With it you can save ideas that you have or capture and record things you see or hear and save them to be accessed later from your computer, tablet or cell phone as this app is compatible with all devices. You can use Evernote to type notes, save documents and design and manage projects easily and all your stored information is easy to locate and use.

5. Expensify

Expensify is accounting made easy, it imports expenses and receipts directly from your bank account and can also be used to submit PDF reports via email or reimburse reports using the internet. With Expensify you can easily track any business expenses through almost any device. You can use Expensify to take pictures of your receipts to categorize your expenses or sync it with Quick Book online.

All of these apps can be downloaded easily and are available on the 02 telephone; they have been designed to make handling your business easier and faster, with the ultimate goal of aiding in the growth of your business. Download these apps and watch your business grow more efficient and function better.

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