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Guest Post by Amy Harris

We spend almost half our lives within the workplace, whether we are alone or surrounded by our colleagues. This being the case, it’s often all too easy for employees to become bored and uninspired during working hours. Keeping things fresh, especially when tasks are mundane or routine, can sometimes be an uphill struggle.

However, this needn’t be the case. By following some useful tips on inspiring creativity and enthusiasm, your office will not only become more productive, it will be an all-round happier place. And a happy office is a hard working office.

Amy Harris, the Community Manager for Expert Market UK, offers you a few helpful tips for inspiring creativity at work for your employees.

Brain Storming

It is always surprising to discover that many offices do not conduct a brain storming session at least once a week in the form of a staff meeting. This is often the only opportunity for employees, especially the less confident or less outspoken, to bring their own, unique ideas to the table.

There is no greater motivation for employees than to hear their ideas discussed and then hear plans being made to put them into action.

Many employees are not entirely confident when it comes to approaching a supervisor or director with some terrific idea they may have for the good of the company. Being asked outright at a meeting could have them brimming over with some wonderful proposal.

The happiest, most creative work places in the country are those which conduct this type of brain storming session on a weekly basis.

Reward Incentive

Having some kind of reward system for initiating a good idea, or coming up with a better, more efficient or more cost effective way of doing something, can be a wonderful incentive for employees.

You could have a whiteboard on the wall with stars awarded to those whose contributions excel, followed by a prize after a certain amount of stars are collected. This could be a spa weekend, a shopping voucher, some champagne or, indeed, any number of sought after gifts.

As well as having the incentive of winning, there’s also the competitive aspect to consider. Even the quietest of employees love a little competition. They may just surprise you while trying to win kudos amongst their more vocal colleagues.

Alternatively, set goals. For example, if the office reaches a certain target, then all members of staff could be taken for a slap up meal, an adventure day out, or even to a rock concert. Most employees thrive on this kind of challenge, especially when there is something in it for them.

Create a Pleasant Working Environment

Unless you are working within the confines of a bank, an attorney’s office, an accountancy firm or any number of the more serious of office environments, chances are you can have a little fun.

When working within a creative, artistic type office, certain things that would simply not be an option elsewhere can be completely acceptable – in fact, not only acceptable, but essential to get the creative juices flowing.
Think initially of the decor; is it dull and depressing? Without a great deal of effort, your office could be bright and beautiful, creating happy vibes all around.

Plants are always a happy addition to the office, and why not add some colourful, motivational posters and beautiful, calming artwork. Also consider some happy, soothing music kept at low volume so as not to be too disruptive.


Be the type of office where employees are constantly encouraging each other to be better at what they do.
Initially, this is an area where management needs to take the lead and by setting a good example, it will filter down through the ranks, so the whole ethos of the office will be a positive one.

When negativity rears its ugly head, discuss it openly and come up with a solution. Create the type of working environment where employees are completely comfortable discussing everything and anything!

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Amy Harris, the Community Manager for Expert Market UK, offers you a few helpful tips for inspiring creativity at work for your employees.

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