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A good entrepreneur knows that while he or she will make some mistakes of their own, it is great to learn from the mistakes of other people so as to get ahead faster. In addition to this, the successes of others also offer much to be learned from.

For this reason, a business owner should seek the regular counsel and friendship of more established business leaders, and he should also be reading the books they write.

How to Find a Friend and Mentor

No empire is built in a day. This same saying applies to championship athletes, people of great wisdom, and multi-millionaires. One such example is that of Jack Welch. While many know Mr. Welch to be the former CEO of General Electric Corp., as well as a hilarious guest star on the show “30 Rock,” many fail to see that he was once a promising college student who became an engineer.

Another example is Bill Gates. While the billionaire runs Microsoft today, it is easy to miss that he was once a teenager sneaking out of his parents’ house at night to use the open computer lab at the nearby college campus, as was noted in Malcolm Gladwell’s incredible book, Outliers.

Now, most cannot seek out the personal guidance of Jack Welch or Bill Gates, but they can find gainful employment for a successful business person and prove their worth by working hard and showing some gumption. This is what Brian Pascale, a lawyer in New York, did.

Mr. Pascale graduated from Touro Law School in 2005, the first in his family to go into this field. Having no relative to lean on for guidance he worked at several small firms and proved his worth through diligence, honesty, and hard work. Today he has his own practice in Garden City, a very prosperous Long Island town, and is mentoring a young law student while still seeking the counsel of those who guided him along the way.

Biographies Speak Volumes

While we cannot usually get a hold of the most successful business people in the world, we can read their books. They include Sumner Redstone’s A Passion to Win and Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs.

By reading about these people’s lives, we can then change the way we live our lives, whether it involves the use of one’s time during the day, such as waking up early or taking a short nap to recharge, or even how one uses his or her money.

The trail has been blazed, and by studying the most successful CEOs, today’s entrepreneurs can begin to think like them and find the same success they have found.

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