Lean•om•e•try [leen-om-i-tree]


a digital agency based out of Santa Monica, CA that builds measurable, minimum viable products in 30 days

ORIGIN early 21st cent.: from Silicon Beach, root shared by Eric Ries’ Lean Startups.

We design, develop, and take
ideas to market fast.

We work with clients to identify, design, develop and launch products in only 30 days. In other words, we’ll take care of design and development, freeing you to focus on customer acquisition and traction. As major advocates of the “Lean Startup” movement, popularized by Eric Reis, we follow this methodology: launch a beautiful, but focused
“minimum viable product” (MVP) with the goal of validating products viability in 6 weeks. This counters the current standard of spending half a year working in stealth mode only to find that initial product assumptions were incorrect. In other words, we’ll help you cut the feature fat, be lean, and launch in 1/3 the time, and the cost.

What Makes Us Unique?

Since we’ve founded and sold startup companies before and have taken countless products to market, we can quickly identify patterns of failure and success.

Why are MVP’s So Important?

Countless entrepreneurs over-build, over-spend, and over-work themselves by creating applications without sufficient validation experiments. This is why the failure rate for startups topple 90%.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 startups that successfully reached product/market fit had to pivot from their initial product assumptions? This means that most startups (even the successful ones) launch around incomplete or incorrect assumptions. Nearly everyone has to pivot as their market knowledge increases. The leaner and more focused a version 1 (when the risk is highest), the quicker an entrepreneur can refine their trajectory.

Over-developing a v.1 product adds needless complexity and development costs up front and beyond for maintenance. If adaptation is the key determinant in success, better a newly launched product be lightweight like a motorboat, than heavy like the Titanic.

With the right product guidance, it should take no longer than 6 weeks to launch a version 1 application; not 6 months. We take products to market over 400-600% quicker than the industry average.

This is our specialty.

We are Thinkers. We are Strategists.
Above all, we are Practical.

We believe practicality is born of experience.
Because we’ve founded startups, we provide
tried-and-true advice that simply works.

What We Offer


We work with clients to identify their unique value proposition and advise a phased product roadmap to validate and scale.


We prototype up to two variations of the full application, and further refine the mockups.


We offer recommendations for both short-term, and long-term strategies to reach product.


Our goal is to build not only a functional experience, but also a delightful one. Our UI sensibilities are modern, clean, and zen.


We build scalable tech on modern web stacks used by Google: AngularJS, MongoDB, Express, Node.js, and HTML5.


By integrating Twitter Bootstrap, we ensure that the application is responsive-enabled and easily customizable for mobile devices.

Our Thoughts